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Things You Need to Know
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What benefit is there to buying American Made?

Buying an American made golf car has many advantages. Number one, buying American supports American workers. Secondly, buying American you ensure your product has been through rigorous quality control evaluations. Thirdly, your parts and accessories will be readily available to you! It is our experience that sourcing parts and getting technical support is very challenging on models from overseas and most dealers will not work on them. Buying American ensures that when you need technical support you can pick up the phone and call your local golf car dealer. They will be able to answer any questions you may have.


Don't be deceived! There are many golf cars being misleadingly sold as American built. They are not. They are shipped from overseas partially assembled with assembly being finalized here in  America. That does not classify them as American built. There are three American-made golf cars on the market: Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha. If your golf car does not have the official mark of one of those manufacturers, it may be from overseas. Look for the official Club Car label on your golf car and be sure you will receive an American made car built with American parts. Buy American!

What is the benefit of buying Lithium-Ion batteries?

Upgrading to Lithium-Ion batteries will improve the battery life of your golf car from 2-4 year average to an 8-10 year average. It will also save the messy, weekly watering of your lead acid batteries. Your Lithium-Ion batteries come with an 8 year warranty.

Which is better, gas or electric?

Which is better is based on personal preference and the desired usage of your golf car so then to answer best this question we are going to examine each against the simple laws of engineering.

Number of parts: There are more moving parts in a gas golf car. For instance, IF there are 500 moving parts in an electric car there COULD BE over 2,000 moving parts in a gas car. More parts means more components. More components means more pieces that could fail and need repairs. This being the case if the intended usage of the golf car allows for an electric car, it is always less expensive in the long run to purchase electric.

Planned usage: Some applications make purchasing a gas car more efficient or even necessary.

  • If there is no way to charge the vehicle, gas is the best option.
  • If charging is available but not for a full 12 hours, gas is the best option.
  • If you plan on driving daily more than 15-20 miles or 2 full rounds of golf, gas is definitely your best option.

Your choice should be made based on those two criteria first considering usage and second mechanical aptitude. Gas cars have much more maintenance. If you are mechanically inclined and none of the usage conditions are an issue, then in most cases either gas or electric will work for you.

How to recognize a factory authorized dealer?

Being able to recognize a factory authorized dealer is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately as with all things, scam artist work hard to present themselves as authorized dealers. Why does that matter?

Authorized dealers are vetted by the manufacturer prior to being granted branding rights. As authorized dealers they are required to carry liability insurance, be financially stable, and to represent the brand to the highest of standards. After all, they are brand ambassadors. Their technicians have received factory training and are therefore qualified to work on the product.

There are independent dealers who have a good reputation, but for the most part be cautious. There may be a reason they are not authorized.

How can I get an owner's manual?

To get an owner's manual for your Club Car Golf Car, click the following link and follow the prompts.

Owners Manual

Where can I find my Serial Number?

Your Club Car Serial Number

In order for us to order parts for your car, it is important that you have your serial number close at hand. You can find your serial number for your Club Car on the passenger side of the vehicle below the cup holder.

The series of twelve numbers indicates the model, model year, and week of production for your vehicle. 

For example in the image: PR0601-123456

PR=Precedent Electric 06=2006 Model Year 01=First production week

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