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over 70 types of rims and tires in stock
Rims and Tires

With over 70 sets of tires and rims in stock, you wont find a more comprehensive selection anywhere.

rim option 1
rim option 2
Rim inserts
locking storage dash 1
Locking Storage Dash

The Locking Storage Dash has secure locking storage.  The top-loading bin allows for easy access.

dashboard opt 3
Available in a variety of colors
dashboard opt 4
Available in a variety of colors
Enclosures and Valances

Want to enjoy your cart rain or shine?  Check out our Deluxe enclosures.  They are available in a wide variety of colors.  A little claustrophobic and don't want the full enclosure?  We offer a valance-only option.

custom steering
Customized Steering

Don't forget to customize your steering wheel!

steering wheel options 1
Steering Wheels inserts

With many color options, turn your steering wheel into an affordable color pop or statement.  You can also match your steering to your customized car in your favorite color or supporting your favorite team.

Additional Accessories

Along with tires/rims, custom dashboards, and custom steering accessories, and enclosures, we offer a wide variety of accessories for your convenience.  Hubcap details, lift kits, window visions, and just about anything else you can dream up.  Come check it all out at Golf Car Services!! 

We maintain a large stock of Trojan and Powertron Batteries for your convenience!

Trojan T-1275
Trojan T-875
Trojan T-105

Address: 298 College Drive
Orange Park, Florida 32065
Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm
(7 miles outside of Jacksonville)

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