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New Parts Added to Refurb Process for Reman Electric Models

All Remanufactured Cars come with a One Year Warranty and Brand New Batteries with Single Point Watering Systems

**All Parts Replaced During Remanufacturing Listed at the Bottom**

Call for Prices

Green 4-forward
Green Metallic

Stock #5605
2019 Reman
10" Custom Mercury Rims

resize with different rims
Sapphire Blue Precedent

Stock #2423
2019 Reman
Custom Rims


Mocha w/Ostrich Seats

Stock #3026
2019 Lifted Reman
4-Passenger Lifted
14" Mercury Rims

matte red 6
Matte Red

Stock #2390
2019 Reman
4-Passenger Lifted
12" Mercury Rims

Stock 2423
Beige Precedent

Stock #2423
2019 Reman
10" Custom Mercury Rims

Brow Cap
Access Panel
Trojan T-875 Batteries
Steering Column Cover
Tie Rod Ends M12x1.25
SAM Assembly
Battery Hold Downs
Seat Bottom Hip Restraints

Shock Absorber Cushions
IP Control Harness
DC to DC Converter
Bumper with Light Kit
Bracket Equalizer
Rocker Switch, Single Pole
Front Beauty Panel
Seat Back
Light Kit
Brake Cable Kit

Rear Underbody
Floor Mat Retainers
Battery Light
Rack & Pinion
Floor Mat
Kingpin Wave Washers
Pedal Assembly
MCOR Jumper Harness, Excel
Kingpin Assemblies M12

Shock Absorber Cush. Retainers
Light Harness
IP Lighting Harness
Electric Kick Plate
Wheel Spacers
F&R Housing
Lower Yoke
Rear Beauty Panel
Seat Bottom
4 Ply Kenda DOT Tires

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